Monday, November 18, 2013

My New Year's Gardening Resolutions: How's It Going?

Back in January, I made some resolutions. We're all supposed to do that, right? Keeps us moving along, like sharks. So here they are/were:
1. Concentrate on learning more about the plants I already keep, rather than racing off to find new specimens like I did in 2012!
2. Learn more about botany. Review the basics, and hopefully, take a university-level class.
3. Practice botanical drawing and painting. Try both abstracts, and realistic depictions.

Well, I've got about a month to go, so how am I doing?
1. I've done well with this. I only bought about 10 new Tillandsias this year, only one new Lithops, and no new mesembs or cacti. I had help. The nurseries I had bought from in the past seriously curtailed their stock in the areas that interest me. My Tillandsias were local, except for a few I ordered from two nurseries in California. And I have spent more time learning about the plants I already own, which has been quite fascinating.
The ever-fascinating Babytoes.
2. I've spent less than 100 hours studying botany this year, but definitely more than 50. So I'd call this a partial success. I'm still thinking about an online class, but haven't found the right one yet!
3. I've been painting and photographing plants like crazy, that's for sure. I've also been learning digital art so I can have more fun with my vast collection of photos. So this has been a success, overall. The new camera and software sure helped!
How have your 2013 resolutions been going, those that you made official, that is. I know if I didn't write mine down, I'd surely forget them by March...good thing I blog them!

"Roots and Flowers", MR, 2013


  1. I think you've done very well. I made a resolution to thin down my plant collection and give each plant a little more time. Like you and your botany, I made progress but didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked. I'll keep working on it. I just like to grow things from seed too much. My other resolution was to get more exercise, other than gardening. I started riding my bicycle in March and now am averaging 50 miles a week. I think that's rather good, but unfortunately, the coming winter will limit that quite a bit. I think it is excellent to review past resolutions and pat oneself on the back when warranted, or rededicate effort when needed.

  2. Freakin' awesome on the bicycling, Bob! I've been spending more time and effort on basic health and fitness, too, and it's been worth it. As far as growing plants from seed, more power to you- it's not easy and your expertise is valued now, and in the future. If you find a good online Botany course, let me know!

  3. Awesome painting. I really like it. Very surrealist!
    Have you looked into your local botanical gardens for botany classes. The Denver one offers botany classes with a focus on local/native plants which is really nice because you can learn generic botany from a book. You might also find some interesting lecture series or discussion groups. I highly recommend. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Elissa! We don't have a local botanical gardens, but we do have active garden clubs. Still looking for that Botany 101!