Friday, December 13, 2013

Freaky Friday the 13th: A Miscellany

I'm working on  parts III and IV of Tillandsia care, and I've got a great new monthly post coming on Sunday; it will be a tasty surprise! But for Freaky Friday the 13th, I've got a random collection of images I haven't been able to fit into the blog yet, so... it's Irrelevant Picture Time!
My last batch of ceramics features a new technique I made up. I carve a linoblock (this one is a 5x7 of my sunflower garden from this summer), imprint it onto wet stoneware clay, fire, and glaze. I think it worked rather well, and I'll keep trying new designs like this. I love carving linoblocks, but don't have much use for plain prints on paper. This gives the blocks new life.
I've got a number of my paintings on exhibit at our county library for a few months. This means there's more space in my studio to paint! Bwahaha....
I may have posted this lovely cottontail before, but I don't care, I love bunnies. For all you fellow rabbit fans, here's a portrait of a local English Angora, looking exceptionally fluffy....
Snuggle angora rabbits, don't wear them!
As you may notice, these sweet creatures have little to do with gardening, except for maybe the fact that bunny poop makes a wonderful soil builder. Not that Tillandsias would care about that. Let's see if I can find one more completely irrelevant image for the weekend....
Our sea-turtle nesting season went reasonably well this year, despite a lot of shore erosion that left little space for the nests. Here's the empty shell from one of the last hatchlings to leave for the sea...good luck, little guy!

Well, that's enough miscellany for now. I'm off to photograph some Lithops and Tillies....


  1. Your sunflower piece is beautiful...the colors are just gorgeous. I was searching on the web last night for weird or unusual plants and I ran across a picture search of sites for the rare or the unusual. Some of your pottery with lithops in them were pictured. Even before I clicked on the picture to see what site the picture was from I knew it was yours. Beautiful photographs with lithops in gorgeous clay pieces. The top edging seems to be your signature and is very easy to spot.

  2. Thank you so much, cat! I did a Google on "weird plant pictures" for Lithops and Tillies and I was so surprised to see the photos of my plants and pots come up. But then I thought, there aren't too many of us growing these plants so enthusiastically, and I may be one of the few who makes custom pots for them! ;-) So I suppose the Internet still has room for new niches. Thanks for the heads-up and have a great week!