Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lithops Activity and Weekend Walkabout with Vultures

My long-dormant Lithops karasmontana has finally begun to fully regenerate. Resorption of the old leaves on the second leaf pair has finally begun!
We've had such a hot winter, that the indoor Lithops haven't been getting much direct sun (they scorch in their pots) and this has confused them. The outdoor Lithops are doing better, as they get colder temps at night and can handle the full, hot sun, as they are in the ground, and don't scorch quickly the way potted Lithops can. Ah well.

I had a fine weekend walkabout (well- midweek vacation walkabout) with vultures and herons. Vultures are symbolic of spiritual cleansing and rebirth for quite a few religions and cultures. They are gentle and seem to enjoy meeting hikers. Occasionally, they like to chew on car tires, though, which is a bit rude. Fortunately, they didn't care much for my car. Here is a photo of Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures. Though they are different species, they like to hang out together.

And here's a lovely Great Blue Heron, looking for an aquatic lunch.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the smashing orange colour :-P

  2. Hi, Paddarotti! I hope everything's been going well for you. Yes, the color is quite intense! Some of the karasmontanas really pop. The old leaves fade in color, but they are still quite vibrant.