Monday, December 30, 2013

Random Year-End Lithops Photos, and a Key Lime Pie Plant

Not much to do after Boxing Day except clean house, and prepare oneself for work and another year that is sure to be filled with...adventures, right? Hope it's more peaceful than 2013! Here are some Lithops photos that didn't make the blog this year, but should have, if I'd known what to say about them.
Young Lithops and a Conophytum
Interestingly, one of my most popular posts is about this guy, the Key Lime Pie Plant, aka Adromischus cristatus.
Adromischus cristatus, the Key Lime Pie Plant.
And to encourage more Lithops Art, here's a final image from 2013:
Paint them, sculpt them, photograph them! Love them!
The sunrise has been extra beautiful on my sand dune lately, and I thought I would share one at the end of the year....

Have a wonderful New Year's celebration and see you all in 2014!


  1. A beautiful group of plants. I hope you and all your plants have a beautiful 2014. Happy New Year.