Monday, January 20, 2014

Someone's Having Fun With Tillandsias....

While researching my Tillandsia Care series, I came upon a remarkable site. (Disclosure: I have not bought anything from them, and I'm receiving nothing from them, but if I ever go to San Francisco, I will surely visit them, because they really seem to have a flair for housing Tillandsias!) Please check it out if you want some creative ideas on how to keep your airplants in a stylish manner.

I particularly like how some of the Tillies are housed upside down, which is exactly the way some live in nature:
Flora Grubb Gardens: Tillies Upside Down
The only caveats I have about creative decorating with Tillies is that they need to be free enough for watering fully once a week (removable or soakable in situ), they need to be situated where they have adequate (filtered bright) light, and should not be mounted on metal that contains iron, copper, or zinc, as those metals seem to be toxic on contact to them. Sealed metals seem to be fine.  I'll go into more detail later, but for now, enjoy the great ideas on Flora Grubb's blog.
Flora Grubb Gardens: Tillie Sculpture

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