Thursday, January 2, 2014

Watering Tillandsias: An Addendum

My well-known "Bucket Method" of watering Tillandsias can be accomplished in an even easier way when it begins to rain....
The only caveats to this method are: just make sure they go outside when there is already cloud cover (so they don't scorch), don't put them out in high winds, and retrieve them after no more than an hour or so, so they don't get waterlogged and rot.

 Rainwater is great for Tillies, they really seem to thrive with a monthly rainshower. Of course, not so easy if you are raising Tillandsias in Arizona or Saudia Arabia! And our dry season can last for months. Well, that's why this post is only an addendum.

I saw some wonderful wild Tillies this week at the Pine Island Sanctuary. Here's a long shot....
My last official installment of Tillandsia care should be ready early next week. If you are still on vacation, enjoy, and if you're back to work today, I wish you courage and strength!

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