Friday, May 16, 2014

A Postscript on Reiki For Plants

"Reiki For Plants" is one of my all-time most popular posts. Are there any Reiki practitioners out there who would like to try Round 2 and grow some plants from seed with and without Reiki? I am planning to start a number of seedlings, with and without Reiki, following a simple protocol. I'd love to have others participate to see what we can find out. My first trial was intriguing. The Reiki-free pot of nasturtiums germinated incompletely, and had one plant dominate the others...the Reiki pot had 100% germination and all plants grew at an equal rate. They bloomed a little later, but all together. Fascinating, but needs to be tried with lots of different species in lots of places. Who wants a go??
"Black Bamboo" Morikami Gardens, MR, 2013
"Sarasota Mermaid" MR 2014


  1. Sounds interesting, no time, but I would like to follow again!

  2. I will surely keep you posted, LT!