Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chef Riccardo's Taste of the Garden: Porcini Parsley Pasta

Autumn is coming and, in many parts of Europe, that means it's mushroom-gathering season. It's a great time to get a basket of porcini mushrooms, and pair them with parsley from your garden:
Boletus edulis, the Porcini Mushroom, courtesy of Wikimedia
Chef Riccardo makes this incredibly simple but tasty pasta to go with the wild mushrooms. You can use store-bought mushrooms, too....

Porcini mushrooms, sliced
A handful of cherry tomatoes

A handful of chopped parsley 
Ah, Italian Parsley!

Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Small garlic clove, smashed

Put all ingredients into the pan (except the parsley) with a some olive oil. Saute’ for about 20 minutes.  
Add the parsley. 

Choose your favorite pasta or make some yourself. 
Pasta Dough

Cook the pasta according to directions and serve the mushroom mixture on top. 
Thanks, Chef Riccardo!

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