Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tillandsia ionantha in Bloom

Tillandsia ionantha and its various hybrids are probably the most commonly sold Tillie on the planet. They are even found in drugstores like Walgreens at the checkout counter, stashed in little shells or bottles. They are tiny and very tough, so they can survive with very little water or light for at least several months. But one should never treat a Tillie so unkindly! With proper conditions, they do this....
Ionanthas need moderate light and a thorough soak once a week, with a mist or two in between. Monthly fertilizer (for bromeliads) once a month helps, too.

The flowers are really amazing, and very weird. They bloom just once, but several weeks after the flower dries up, several pups can be seen at the base. You can break off the pup once it's half the size of the mother plant, and give it to a friend, or, if your friends aren't hankering for a Tillie, just let them grow into a nice clump (the ionanthas, not your friends).  Here's a closer look at the flower:
Tillandsia ionantha blooming, MR, 2014


  1. What an unusual flower! Very pretty :)
    You're obviously taking a very good care of them.

  2. I'm from Vietnam, I very like Till, I like your collection Till, ít's very beautiful. Nice to meet u.

  3. Thank you so much, and glad to meet you!