Sunday, March 1, 2015

Painting Over Plants

It's been miserable, wet and cold here for days, so I've been doing more painting than gardening.
Peacock, detail, M Robb, 2015, watercolor
Paintings are funny things. Sometimes, one is just ready to be born, and it's finished in a matter of hours, or days:
Hot Spot, M Robb, 2015, acrylic and metal leaf
Sometimes, one can take years. It gets put away in some dark corner, or the garage, only to be pulled out and finished when a certain problem is solved or new technique is mastered:
Windsurfers, M Robb, 2013-15, acrylic mixed media, 3x4ft
A wonderful biography of Marc Chagall by his second (common-law) wife, Virginia Haggard, explained that the painter never threw away a single painting. He might re-paint, or completely paint over a canvas, but could never bear to just chuck it out. Some painters are chuckers and some are hoarders, I guess! I've done both, but tend toward the latter. Have a great weekend!

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