Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tillandsia Display for Fun and Creativity

Tillies don't need dirt, and that makes them soooo versatile when it comes to indoor display. As long as they have good air circulation and decent light, they're good. You need to be able to water them properly (mistings and soaks), so I don't recommend gluing them or pinning them to objects that cannot also be misted or soaked. My favorite way to display Tillandsias is on a CD rack. Now that CDs are virtually obsolete (very sad) you can find used CD racks of all kinds, cheap as chips.
The Tillies rest on handmade ceramic trays. I make my own, but they are easy to find. Not many people smoke anymore, so you can collect ashtrays (again, cheap as chips) and repurpose them for Tillie display. Here are some of my handmades:
Bowls can also work as long as they are fairly shallow. Tillandsia bases need to get good air circulation to avoid rot.
At any rate, it's impossible not to have creative fun displaying your Tillandsia collection, so get going! Who's got some other creative ideas?

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