Friday, May 29, 2015

Adromischus cristatus (Key Lime Pie Plant) and New Ceramics

I finally had some time this spring to work on new ceramics inspired by peacocks, a very ancient symbol of resurrection and renewal. And what plant better to pose with the new bowls than the most popular plant on my blog, Adromischus cristatus, the Key Lime Pie Plant:
New Pots and  Key Lime Pie Plant, M Robb, 2015
I used terracotta clay, then washes of light green or black underglaze topped with 3 coats of Amaco Bluebell and Aquamarine opalescent. They came out well. As you can see, my Key Lime Pie plant has sent out a few new plantlets from the top, and I'll get them potted up eventually. Have a great gardening weekend!

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