Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's the Quiet Ones You Have to Watch Out For....

So They (meaning people with way more education in meteorology than I have) said it was going to be a Very Quiet Hurricane Season this year. Hmmph.

This blob, perched outside my eastern window, is probably going to be christened Ana in a couple of days....
Soon-to-be-named TS Ana? MR, 5-2015
And before she's even named, and nearly a month before the official start of Hurricane Season, she has the discourtesy to dump 10cm rain on my newly seeded herb garden! No gentle rain, just a big wall of water poured out of the heavens onto my little seeds. So the herb patch is all flooded out and when it dries up, I'll just do it all over. Hmph.

Interestingly, about 24 hours before "Ana-to-be" flooded my garden, all the snakes who live out there were out of their burrows, their heads held high and sniffing the air. Then they all made for higher ground, or, since we have no higher ground here, the old wooden fence and the lawn furniture. Seems they have more education in meteorology than humans do. Always pay attention to your snakes!
An Alert Southern Corn Snake
But here's a lovely flower photo (an orchid of course, they're blooming all over the house right now) to make it all better.

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