Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mesembs on a Windowsill

I've kept these plants now for more than four years. Some change, some just...stay pretty much the same. Mesembs evolved in some of the harshest real estate on Earth, much of which has sadly become actual real estate and no longer supports these exquisitely weird little plants.
From left to right, they are Gibbaeum (likely heathii), Titanopsis, Pleiospilos nelii, and Argyroderma. None of these grow well outdoors in tropical Zone 10, but inside a not-very-humid house, in quartz chipped soil in a sunny eastern window, they're fine. They get some water every 7-10 days.


  1. The wonderful world of windowsill succulent plants. They look right at home Marla. Love the container variety. Wish my windowsills were that wide. :)

  2. Hi, Bob! I do love wide windowsills, and they are always bursting with plants and pots.