Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Walkabout With Chef Riccardo

My beaches are way too hot for walking this weekend; by mid-morning, the sand scorches my poor bare feet. Not into that! So for the Weekend Walkabout I asked Chef Riccardo, an avid hill walker,  what he has been up to in Northern Italy. Here's the photo he sent:
"Camosci", Riccardo Senettin, 2015
Beautiful! These charming herbivores (Rupicapra rupicapra) of the Alps are called Chamois, or Gams in German, or Camosci in Italian. A fun fact: adult chamois can jump 2m in the air, and 6m in distance. They live in herds of up to 100 individuals, mostly females and young, as shown here. The males tend to a more solitary existence. Some subspecies are now protected in Europe, and that's a good thing. Have a wonderful weekend walkabout in your neck of the woods!

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