Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paphiopedilum Blooms!

Yes, this was another orchid rescue. I confess, most of my orchids are rescue orchids because I had no confidence in myself as an orchid gardener. Therefore, if they did not bloom or thrive, well, it was better than dying, and I couldn't be too harsh with myself. Ironically, they have all thrived.
Paphiopedilums, or "Lady Slipper Orchids", are actually quite easy to grow indoors. Like Phals, they need more frequent watering, because they have no structures for water storage. They also like fairly low light. The blooms are singular and spectactular, and last for several weeks. The foliage is also lovely, so even if they are not blooming, they make a great indoor houseplant. They originated in Indonesia and are semiterrestrial, meaning they grow in pockets of humus, or on cliffs, or on trees, or whatever. Mine is in a medium-grade mix that includes clay pebbles; I water twice a week, and fertilize with orchid fertilizer every other week. Way cool plant!


  1. Hi Marla,
    Lovely! Rescue orchids can be so rewarding when the thrive and bloom. Our wonderful dog Fender is a rescue too. Are the clay pebbles in your potting mix remnants of your clay creations?

  2. Hi, Gail!
    We're all about rescues, too! Greetings from my family to Fender! The clay pebbles are a mix of commercial pebbles and my earthenware leftovers. I use most stoneware leftovers to hold scent with potpourri and incense, or as "perfume stones".