Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reminder: Tillie Watering TIme!

This is our storm season and we've really had some whoppers recently. Check out these clouds and double rainbows:

Double Rainbow, MRobb, USA, 2015
The two always seem to go together,  don't they?
And when it really rains outside, it's time to water my immense herd of Tillandsias. They just keep pupping!

Here are several of the ways I've done this over the years. The main point is to put them all, gently of course, in a bucket, cauldron, vat, or series of bowls, and place them lovingly out in the tempest for a few hours.

Then drain off the rainwater and keep it for later, and put your Tillies back on display. They need a good soak at least once a week, and they love rainwater most of all.
Above are a series of trays. These don't get too heavy after the rain. One tray is slotted and that makes it very easy to use- the rain drains off.
And here are a variety of buckets. Just don't try to lift the bigger buckets after the rain if you have a bad back, they get reeeallly heavy! I speak from bitter experience....
Have a wonderful weekend and hope your weather is photo-worthy!


  1. Marla, I'm jealous of your storms. We haven't had a drop of rain since May, so I have to water all the time.

  2. Ellen, it was pretty desperate water-wise here, too, until the last 10 days or so. I was getting tired of waking up 30min early to water each morning, too, and seeing that more of the garden had died from too much hot sun and not enough water. I hope some rain comes your way very soon!