Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Walkabout: Orchids in the Storm

This last week, I've been visiting with family. We've had some extremely weird cloud formations and storms here on the Family Sand Dune:
Cool, scary cloud....
Do you see a smiley face, sort of a demented Muppet in this one?? I kinda do....
This one's just pretty. My orchids are calmly blooming in all this:
The top is a Guartonia (so I am told), the bottom is a natural Phal, no dye! The Guartonia needs a lot more sun than the Phal, so they normally are not together, but for the portrait, I stuck them next to each other. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I like the cloud photos Marla. I've often thought about taking and collecting cloud photos, but I spend so much time taking photos of plants, there's just no time for the clouds. I like all three photos, and yes, I see the demented Muppet. The orchids are beautiful. How many orchids do you grow? I've never grown a single orchid. I can't really explain why. Maybe in my younger days when I began collecting plants, orchids were just too much out of my price range. Thanks for the photos. I hope your summer has been, and will continue to be, great. :)

  2. Bob, I confess I have hardly any time to curate or deal with the photos I already have, so I totally get wanting to concentrate on plant photos only. And then there are the photos other people send me, some of which are magnificent and way better than mine. Not enough time in the day! But I try. Most of my orchids were bought from the "Death Cart" at some nursery or other for a couple of dollars. It's fun to see how they bloom and grow, they've all done well. I am surprised by that, because I never saw myself as an "orchid person". I think Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids changed my mind! Give them a try, perhaps??