Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lounging Lithops

I don't Run with Wolves and I don't Prance with Penguins. I'm too lazy for that. Instead, I Lounge With Lithops. Here's what some of my lounging Lithops are up to.... (Particularly slacking are Dorothy and The Brains, can you spot them?) These party animals do most of their growing at night; during the day, they just like to lie out in the sun and soak up some rays, as do most of the tourists at our beach, coincidentally.  Hope you're having a relaxing day (or evening), too!


  1. Nice, no lounging around here, we've been hit by Gale force winds from 2 directions over the weekend and without powers since yesterday, just go it back! Flooding, trees blown over. Proper winter storm.

    1. Shivers LT! Hope you and your family, and plants are ok. Take care, and good luck.

  2. True, no lounging on the beach for the Southern Group this time of year! I'm so sorry you're going through such a mess- I remember some of the 2-day-long blizzards in the Alps, snow-shoveling every hour just to keep the doors and windows viable.... And flooding, yeah, we had some with Debby. Yuck. Hope it's over soon.

  3. Lounging with Lithops, yep definitely my kinda plant! Lovely collection you have there Mara, and all the plants and lithopots look great!! :-)