Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pensive Tuesday: What Fascinates You?

So what has been fascinating, charming, or mystifying you lately? For me, it has certainly been the Lithops seedlings. Their progress is something to observe (photos next week, I'm trying to improve my macrophotography). They are larger, some have different colors from the others (it's a mixed lot of species) and they are developing clear fissures. Just amazing how they can grow so quickly from something that is practically invisible, and appears lifeless, into such unique denizens of the plant world.
(painting, "The Seedlings" by me, 2012, mixed media)


  1. Eye-catching painting! Nice! I am also at the moment captured by seedlings - been posting so much today, the google asked me to prove I am not a robot!! I had to laugh out loud! Time to rest! LOL!

  2. Yes, I just saw your amazing post! Too funny they thought you were robot, I'd say it was more of a superhuman effort than a robotic one!

    1. So how long to do a painting?? You have a great talent.

  3. This one was just a daily exercise, I was working with seedlings/seedling pots all morning, so that was the theme. Some of the larger acrylics take a few months because they have 20+ layers, all of which take a while to cure. Thanks for the compliment!