Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not a Lithops, But Pretty

This is an incredibly busy week for me with a lot of school prep (starts in less than a month), so I'm not posting as much as usual. Today, just a couple of photos unrelated to the blog. This is the last flower of my one and only orchid, a phal. The plant is growing well and hopefully, there will be more flowers soon, they're quite pretty! Epiphytes are lovely, my favorites are Tillandsias, I have quite a few of those.

And here's our rainy beach with some beachcombers; we're finally getting some normal summer precipitation and cooler temps, phew.

Have a super Thursday, weekend's almost here!


  1. Hi Mara, pretty flower, and very beautiful painting - love it! Friday the 13th, watch out everyone. Meow!! :-)