Monday, July 2, 2012

The Cryptkeeper

Do you remember the Cryptkeeper? Well, lately, my Argyroderma has been emulating him....
 Poor Argy. But according to a couple of my books, a wrinkled Argyroderma can be healthy. It might be growing its new leaf set, and that set is starting to absorb the outer leaves. So I'm keeping it on its regular (minimal) watering schedule and seeing what happens. I'm a newb with just one argy, so I hope the books are correct. Any Argyroderma growers out there who want to comment on my Cryptkeeper?
UPDATE: According to several more sources I've found, and kind readers who have left comments, my lovely Cryptkeeper is perfectly normal, and I am to resist the temptation to water it! Thanks, everyone!


  1. I don't have one of these, so can't give you any advice on Argyroderma, but am envious of your nice collection! At last weekend's orchid show the nursery where it was held had just gotten in a new shipment of succulents, and I scored a big Pleiospilos nelii as well as some cacti (a Mammailaria guelzowiana in bud among others) and a couple of bonsai-type succulents.

    In other news, my cactus seeds have sprouted! I have some more cactus seeds somewhere that I need to send you.

  2. Hey! Hope you are well. Argies rest in summer and should get very little water/if any, and no deep watering, even in winter. They rot easily if given water at the wrong time. Be very very careful. Fight the urge! LOL!

    1. Did you see the monkey video? I thought to do something new on the last post and that howler really can pump-up the volume.

  3. Doc Elly,
    Glad to see you're getting the succulent bug! I have 2 Pleios, and I sure love Mammillarias! You should post a pic on your blog. I just pricked out my cactus seedlings into pots, they're doing OK, so much fun to see what the little ones look like, isn't it?

  4. Little Expanded,
    I'm glad you wrote, I will fight the urge to water, my gut instinct was that wrinkling is what the plant needs to do and it's going to be OK. So I haven't watered it any more than the usual protocol, which is less than for Lithops, even.
    I haven't seen the monkey video, but I did finally see the Honey Badger, and couldn't stop laughing for a day!