Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday Stroll on the Dune

A lazy weekend of glazing pots, harvesting some vetiver (more on that later), and just taking it easy after this awful bout of bronchitis. Our local plants are worth a post or two, and I've been walking a lot and enjoying their beauty lately.

Here are a few of the locals for your enjoyment:

Beach morning glory, Ipomoea imperati. Large showy flowers appear in the morning, and it has large, leathery leaves to survive the salt spray.

Ipomoea imperati
 From Family Fabaceae comes the Beach pea, which fixes nitrogen for other plants to use. The soil out here is very poor in nutrients, but the Beach peas are a great help (as are the native rabbits, whose droppings build the otherwise hopelessly thin soil).

Canavalia rosea, the Beach Pea
 And finally, from the ubiquitous Asteraceae family, comes the Fire Wheel, or Indian Blanket Flower, Gaillardia pulchella. I love this one because it's fuzzy!

Gaillardia pulchella
What local flora are you enjoying this weekend? I hope it's been peaceful and beautiful for all of you.


  1. Ohh, all such beautiful wild flowers, my favourite is the morning glory, such a perfect flower. A few pioneering plum trees are showing their delicate fluffy spring blossoms atm. Hope you get well soon. :)

  2. I was painting doors!! Wish I could have rather taken a stroll..grr! Wonder if this Ipomoea also forms caudex, many people go bonkers for caudex plants (yes, I have one or 2 as well). Gaillardia pulchella, after a little google is wonderfully colourful. LT

  3. Lithopsland, I love morning glories, too! One the best parts of an early-morning stroll. Plum trees are gorgeous, too.

  4. LT, I don't know about Ipomoea caudices, our local railroad vine is just a vine, with some long roots to hold onto the sand. Other varieties grow too big here to pull up and check!