Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New CITES Preview Document Available

To go with Pensive Tuesday's post, I thought I'd give the URL for the preview report of the new CITES Appendices, which are due out formally next week.  The plant section starts on page 32.

Not the easiest document to go through, and the emphasis is on trade in endangered/threatened flora and fauna, but interesting to see what's included and what's not.


  1. Thank you for this reference, Marla. Long and interesting. I doubt I will need the info, as I am not selling any life form, but who knows when it might come in handy (like the great tsontil dictionary I open up every few years...still fun to have around). This reminds me of a neighbor of mine many years ago who was thrown into prison in Bali and fined for trying to export an extremely endangered plant. He should have known better. These regulations are nothing to mess around with and are seriously enforced. Gail

  2. Marla, "The Great Tzotzil Dictionary" is the correct spelling, just in case you are interested. Sorry, Gail

  3. Gail,
    He got tossed in the hooskow? Wow, CITES is taken seriously, at least in some countries. I think some people buy plants from unscrupulous sellers, then find themselves on the wrong side of the law, when they'd never realized they were breaking it. Guess we all need to start reading that report!