Monday, September 3, 2012

An Amazing Lithops Book

Cape Town, South Africa, 1946. Just after the war, Botanics Professor G. C. Nel was able to publish his amazing Lithops monograph, fittingly entitled, "Lithops: Plantae succulantae, rarissimae, in terra obscuratae, e famailia Aizoaceae, ex Africa australi" though the University of Stellenbosch. Now the book is on the web, as mentioned by alert commenter Gaianursery on June 30.  It's available for download, all 161 pages, and it's safe, so far as I can tell, to do so:

Here's the gorgeous cover:

It's in English and Afrikaans, with some German and Latin, too, and lavishly illustrated with photos and watercolor paintings. More about it tomorrow for Pensive Tuesday!