Monday, September 24, 2012

Lithops' Progress

I'm taking a break from the Lizard Saga (which continues) to get back to the heart of this blog: Lithops!
Two of mine are growing their new leaves, the rest are dormant. Audrey bloomed, but since then, hasn't done a bloomin' thing. Here are my active Lithops:

Lithops dorotheae
So Dorothy's moving right along with one new pair of leaves. Here's the other- I think it is a karasmontana- it was just labeled "Rock Plant" when I bought it!

That was about a week ago. Then the old leaves split! Mind you, neither of these Lithops has been watered in months....

Turns out there are 2 pairs of leaves in there. One was getting squashed, but now it's growing just fine. I don't know why the outer leaves haven't shriveled more, and had to split-- could it be that sitting outside in the humid sea air each morning gives it enough water to stay plump? The wonderful weirdness of Lithops is neverending.


  1. That's an interesting point about the humidity of the sea air. I wonder also. I do know that they look nice and plump and healthy, & I like those "natural" lithopots a lot, and v. nice Sansevieria too. ;)

  2. Love your new avatar! And yes, I don't know how much water the various mesembs can pull from humid air-- but since many species are mist-lovers and some live in regions that have practically no rain, but lots of fog, they must be able to use it efficiently.