Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lithops Go Wild, Part II

Here are the more precocious, seriously confused Lithops that I'm a bit concerned about. One decided to bloom and regenerate at the same time. Normally, there's at least a month between the bloom and the releafing sequence:

This looks serious, but the new leaves are strong and growing steadily. Its companion is dormant, however. It looks like it doesn't want to be disturbed by its overexcited neighbor.

These are tiny, young Lithops. Three have started to regenerate, two are dormant. We'll see how it far, no rot or collapse.

And after all this frantic Lithopsian activity, I thought I'd post a soothing image of some shells from the Banana River.

The ceramic dish isn't mine, it's a lovely antique from Bavaria. Have a great weekend!

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