Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pensive Tuesday: Time Goes FAST

I remember when the mother of a good friend of mine, then in her 40s, explained to my naive teenaged self--
"Time is perceived as much faster when you are 50 than when you are 5 because when you are 5, one year is 1/5 of your life. When you are 50, one year is 1/50 of your life. It's such a tiny fraction!" She was my Yoda in those days....

So now that I'm no longer in the 1/5 category, I'm realizing that time indeed goes faster for me than for children, or bunnies, or cats, or any sentient being that has been around for less than a half century or so. No wonder I feel the pressure of a world that seems increasingly designed by and for 20-somethings! No offense to the 20-somethings, it's just mathematics.  My lists are longer, my time "seems" shorter than it does to you....

All the better to ground myself (sorry, another pun) in the natural cycles of the plant world....

 Blooming Tillies, for example. They have their own calendar, they don't care about mine....

And blooming Babytoes, they're just happy to be here. They sure love the sunshine and the beach!

So I say to myself, take a look in the mirror, take a slow breath, let my thoughts float away like clouds. I think that may be the secret of the Everblooming Babytoes! I'll let you know....
Happy Tuesday.


  1. Thank you Marla.


  2. Well you are not 50 yet and you definitely do not look it. Luckily for us, youthful appearance seems to run in the family. But I agree..there never seems to be enough time. I am constantly in white rabbit mode. I never felt like that 10 years ago.

    1. "White Rabbit Mode"- that's it, exactly!!