Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lithops Go Wild!

These are just a couple of my avidly re-leafing Lithops. The nutty weather has spurred more than half of my collection to bloom quickly and releaf even faster. I do not know if this is a healthy thing for them in the long run, but obviously, there's not much I can do about it....

 Here's one of my L. juliis in full releaf mode. These are some of the "French Blues" I got this summer.

Lithops julii

Here are a few more. The old leaves have only taken a few days to shrink up like that. These are the same Lithops that got "bleached" (sunburned) this summer when I kept them outside for too long. They recovered, and as you can see, the new leaves are full of rich color. I am as relieved as they are (pun intended).


  1. They're looking great in their new bodies! I guess you just have to leave them to their own accord at times.

  2. I think you are right! They have their own ways of coping with uneven weather. There's really only one yearling I'm worried about (not pictured) and it seems to be pulling through.

  3. Your Lithops are looking happy, especially the one putting out twins! Congratulations!! Mine are doing nothing right now, but the Gibbaeum is putting out new leaves. All of the tillandsias in my greenhouse are going crazy, blooming or getting ready to bloom. Some of them are highly fragrant.

  4. Those Tillies sound wonderful! Do you know which species have fragrant blooms? None of mine have had any scent so far, but only a few have bloomed. Some are in bud, getting ready.