Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Quick Note to a Fellow Gardener- The Lithops Forum

Today I received a lovely letter from Gardener Natasha. She had some concerns about her Lithops, and I felt the answer would make a good post:

Sometimes our Lithops, despite the best care and lots of love, get sick, get pests, or just turn mushy and die. I can't think of a single Lithops grower this hasn't happened to at least a few times.  But a lot of us are fairly isolated from other mesemb caretakers, and what do we do if we need help, and there's no one to ask?

I go to the Lithops Forum:

I'm registered there, but I pretty much lurk so far. (I promise that will change when I have a little more time at the end of the school year.)  But the Lithops forum is a real haven for Lithops growers from all over the world. It's amazing! You can register, start a thread on "What's going on with my Lithops?", post pics, and get some really great advice from a number of people who grow these little guys in all sorts of climates. And you'll get sympathy, too. I highly recommend a visit. There are some extremely knowledgeable people there who've been lounging with Lithops far longer than I have. I learn from them all the time.

Thanks for your question, Natasha! I hope the forum helps, and your question, and my answer, help others who need some Lithops advice. Let me know how it goes, and I'll see you at the Forum!


  1. Thank you so much Marla! This is such a wonderful resource and I will be sure to check it out. What a great community. Too bad they don't live right around the corner. Oh well. I guess it's the next best thing. Also.. LOVE the lithops in that photograph! Just lovely.

  2. The forum really is a wonderful resource, isn't it? It's just full of great people who love Lithops. Glad you like the photo!

  3. Im on that site too!....but it feels like I'm they only one there :(
    I just wanted to say i love that. Lithop in the middle some form of schwantesii? My guess would be Lithops schwantesii ssp. schwantesii v. urikosensis "christinae"


    1. I think that's an excellent guess, thanks for your comment!