Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Bloomin' Weekend Update

Another spring weekend has sprung here on my sand dune, and there's lots of blooming going on!

Our wildflowers are in their full glory, as are the cacti....

This Parodia herteri (or uebelmanniana, it's been identified as both, help!) has enchanted everyone, after I've dragged them across the yard to see it.

Even my Crotons are blooming, and I've heard from several longtime gardeners, "Crotons never bloom...." I beg to differ!

And of course, Pleiospilos nelii is doing its best to bloom-

Native wildlife are everywhere, having fun in my yard and garden. These ibises, sacred birds of Ancient Egypt, came to visit this week and enjoy a nice brunch--

As did some Eastern Cottontails. I think they nibbled on my sunflower seedlings, but then, the sunflower patch had to be thinned out anyway....

To all my readers, have a beautiful and peaceful weekend!


  1. Well now. That's the first blooming Croton I've ever seen :) Love the wildlife!

    Quick question please... I'm busy packing for a move to go and live on the coast too. A teeny tiny place in South Africa called Elysium next to the Indian ocean. The climate is thorougly sub-tropical, never really below 10 Celsius. I was just wondering - what is the humidity like where you are? Where I'm going it's permanently above 90% and I'm just concerned for the Lithops! I'll be able to keep the rain, of which there's plenty, off them, but the humidity I can't do anything about. I see yours manage quite well, so I'm hoping you'll say your humidity is also permanently sky high :)


  2. Greetings, Paddarotti!
    Your move sounds very exciting, I hope it goes smoothly. To answer your question, I have indoor and outdoor Lithops. I was worried about them outside because of the constant high humidity, but so far, they are growing well and regenerating at full speed. I made up a special bed of very light soil, lots of pumice and perlite, so water drains from them very quickly and they don't get soggy. That way, if they're picking up moisture from the air as well, it won't be too much for them. So far it's going well, better than I expected, actually. Keep me posted on how it all goes!

  3. Thanks! That sounds very encouraging. I'll just make sure I use a very sandy soil and water carefully.

    Will send an update from the new location.☻