Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools' Day Limerick For Lithops Lovers

Lithops Love

There was a Lithops of the Karoo,
Who discovered his love was not true.
Shocked when he discovered
Her with her suave lover,
He left her and fled the Karoo.

A Lithops raised in Nantucket
Was carelessly thrown in a bucket.
Escape seemed quite hopeless,
But rather than mope, this
Bold Lithops just drilled through the bucket.

Now both Lithops were greatly enraged,
One cuckolded, one harshly caged.
Seething with disdain,
They met on a train,
And a devious scheme they both staged.

The first Lithops flew to Nantucket,
And found the blockhead with the bucket.
The Lithops said, “Mac,
You’re a talentless hack!
We Lithops can't live in a bucket!”

The man thought he was going insane,
And proceeded to hop on a plane.
He committed himself,
And the plants on his shelf
Never dealt with his bucket again.

The other one went to Karoo,
And tracked down the first’s love untrue.
He tore her house down,
And said with a frown,
“Now both of you are in a stew!”

After two sorrys and a goodbye,
Each Lithops did heave a long sigh.
Their grievances settled,
Each had proven their mettle,
But their glorious poet had died!

R.I.P. Lithops Limericist,
His last poem presented for your reading pleasure.


  1. Funny poem! Did you write this??

  2. No, I didn't write it. I'm a dreadful poet. It was contributed by a very creative young student. He wanted to base it on Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train". Definitely unique!

  3. I should add the RIP is only for his career as a Lithops Poet; he said he could only write one of those. He's moving on to other botanical genera.

  4. Thank you, aren't Lithops flowers lovely?

  5. Lovely Lithops limerick! Reads like a charm! :)

  6. Thanks! The poet is very happy to see your complimenting comments!