Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not Particularly Pensive Tuesday: Ready To Bloom!

After a scary-big storm with multiple tornados swept over my sand dune this weekend, I was too tired to be pensive. I needn't have worried about the outdoor garden, however. Springtime plants are full of enthusiasm for whatever weather comes their way. They didn't mind the 8 inches of rain; in fact, they're ready to bloom!

Lantana, aka "stinkflower", does very well on the beaches; its glowing flowers belie its tough resilience.

Parodia uebelmanniana has been quiet for months. Suddenly, it's tufty and full of spring spirit!

Tillandsia concolor is nearly there. Can't wait to see the flowers.

Here's a Haworthia and a Gymnocalycium enjoying some sun, and growing some fine buds.

This little Mammillaria was a rescue- had some rot. But it's doing fine outside, and has put forth its first flower. It's a beauty!

And lastly, a Senecio articulatus. Senecios in general do very well in this beachy, subtropical climate. They don't mind the salty, alkaline soil, and they can take the heat well. This one put out buds in less than 24 hours, amazing!

Here's hoping all my readers are feeling ready to bloom as well. For the Southern Group, it's time to start getting warm and cozy, as autumn approacheth. And that's a wonderful season, too.


  1. Hi Marla,

    Your photo of lantana brought back childhood memories of some of my favorite Florida plants (lantana, ixora, sea grapes, sea oats...). It's good to hear that you had no damage from the storms. I remember a several scary tornados and two waterspouts. After big storms (usually hurricanes, not tornados) the beach was covered with shells and interesting flotsam. Today in the PNW the sun is shining, at least for now.


  2. Lantana, sea grapes, and sea oats are everywhere here- terrific plants. I'm glad I brought back (hopefully good) memories for you with the lantana pic. The winds came from the riverside (W), so I'll have to take a look at the shore. After the last big storm, I found a cache of fulgerites ("petrified lightning")on the rivershore, made my day!
    Hope your weather stays lovely!