Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a Few Updates for the Weekend....

The Mysterious Lithops Flower.  Rika's Lithops flower did something weird, but so did Dorothy's---looks kind of like a Fourth of July firecracker!

We've had blistering heat, cuz' we're stuck under a high pressure heat dome at the moment.
Still, it's meant the wild bunnies are in our yards munching grass every morning and we love to watch them.
Hope you're having a good weekend and keeping cool!


  1. It's not weird. This is how Lithops flowers normally wither :) (mine is still in full bloom)
    They are actually also very pretty at the end

  2. I feel relieved! The flower is clearly drying up now, so it's obvious, but at first, I was worried. It's my first Lithops flower, so I'm a little overconcerned, I think!