Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ants in the News!

Ants in my house drive me nuts, and we have a new invasive ant here in Florida, the Hairy Crazy Ant, that's driving everyone nuts! Fortunately, it doesn't like the beach, yet....

But I just read an article on the BBC that makes me feel a little better about those swarmy, pesky critters that make up 10% of the world's biomass:

It's a good read for everyone that loves the incredible plant diversity of South Africa, and wonders how it happened.

(creepy photo courtesy of Mississippi State Entomological Museum)


  1. Interesting article. Thanks! Still do not like them in my sugar, or around my aloes! LT

  2. Too many ants and I start getting antsy, too!

  3. Very interesting article Marla. Saw Bug's Life the other night; such a clever movie, and made me realise how fascinating and complex the insect world can be.