Monday, August 27, 2012

Stormy, Stinky Monday

Here are the northernmost bands of Isaac coming in yesterday. Beautiful, though, aren't they?

Today we've got 100kph wind gusts and a whole lot of noisy rain! Nobody slept much last night, just too much howling from the winds. And we're only at the very edges of this thing. Isaac is a big boy!

So my somewhat perverse Senecio serpens decides to bloom in all this. It even leaned its flower stalk into the rainy window to get a better view yesterday.

I took a sniff of those cute little yellow/white, polka-dotted flowers, and what did I smell? Florals? Cookies? Sticky toffee cake? Noooooo. STINKY FEET. Like a teenage boy's gym locker! I kid you not. So I guess at least some Senecios use the same trick as Hoodias and Amorphophallus titanum (Corpse Flower), and stink it up to attract those fun little bugs that are Nature's Cleanup Crew and go for the dead stuff. Yuck. I hate Mondays....


  1. Hehe, stinky feet! Do not envy the winds, had enough thanks! Still working on cleaning crap out of the garden from the last 80km wind. Understand the little sleep also, not nice. And those winds can cause damage to roofs, so hope it passes soon. LT

  2. We've both had the storms, haven't we? I spent some time cleaning up the garden this evening, too. Some minor flooding, lots of wind and rain, branches down; even though Isaac's center was hundreds of miles from us, we got all the action in the NE quadrant! What a mess!

  3. You're very kind Marla to describe Isaac as beautiful. I guess that knowing that the clouds/turmoil will eventually clear makes it all right. :)

  4. And yet Isaac is still churning away in the Southern US! What a huge monster! At least it may bring some needed rain to the drought areas.