Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pleiospilos Plethora Part One

My Lithops aren't doing much of anything at this time of midsummer--they really are imitating rocks, so I thought I'd look in on the Pleiospilos gang, which are doing a whole lot of new leaf generation this time of year! Here's the pink beauty of the bunch, Pleiospilos nelii, variety "Royal Flush".

She's posing with the Bloomin' Babytoes, and an Aloinopsis schoonesii.  Pleios are from the Karoo, so hot and dry is the way they like it. Even when actively growing, like this one is, Pleios don't seem to like much water. They love a good misting in the morning, then a sparse watering every 10 days or so. They have soil similar to my Lithops- very well-draining, lots of pumice/perlite. Granite chips on top to prevent rot. Light colored Lithopot so they can be getting lots of sun outside without the roots overheating.

Now here's a mystery.  Our local nursery, the only one that sells Pleios, labels all of them, every single one, "Pleiospilos nelii"--even those that clearly belong to a different species. The question for me, since I'm not an expert, is WHICH species?

So what do you think this one is, simuluans, compactus, or another?? I am thinking simulans, but I'm really not certain. It has some of the lovely pink of the "Royal Flush", so it could be a hybrid, actually....

I'll have more Pleios to show later. For now, try saying "Pleiospilos Plethora" ten times fast! ;-)


  1. Nice! Could be simulans or even bolusii, compactus will develop "branches", but do not think so. Very forgiving plants, I find. I have some simulans seedling for comparison. LT

  2. I thought about bolusii, too, but some of the pictures I've seen in books have flatter, broader leaves. Some photos look a lot like this one, though. That's interesting about compactus, I think we can rule that one out....

  3. I love these! I'm adding many succulents to my gardens! No baby toes or rock plants (lithops) yet! Many hens and chicks, spikes etc etc

  4. I'm so glad you have room in your garden, and in your heart, for these wonderful succulents. Happy gardening!