Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Bits and Bobs of Summer

Fresh herbs from the garden- this year has been a good one for herbs, and I've plenty for the neighbors, too.

Here's some orange mint, lemon verbena, rosemary, and lemon thyme (buried down at the bottom somewhere). Our salads and stews have been much improved, ditto the sauteed veg!

Also working on the red earthenware Lithopots- they are coming along. For the glaze, I switched to a mellower, more matte Aztec Turquoise from Amaco.

And also, some that are unglazed....

What projects are you working on currently? (Summer, or winter projects for the Southern Group.) Cannot believe school starts up again next week, but I'll be back for Pensive Tuesday, see you then!


  1. Yum! A herby salad, just right for summer. Is that top stoneware yours too Marla? Love the blue platter. Did a painting at a friend's studio yesterday, it looked pretty odd and average, but it was the first in a long time, and was only 2 hours work. Will complete it soon. Are these pots on Etsy yet? :-)

  2. Herby salads, yum! I miss the yogurt dressing we used to get in Europe. Yes, the platter is mine, too. Thank you! Would love to see the painting, post if you feel like sharing it. I'm working on the business license angle, but it's very complicated here, over a half dozen agencies each with multiple forms to deal with/fees to pay, and that's just a to sell a few pots! Yeesh. But hopefully in October....

  3. Hello Marla,

    I first learned of your website on Ellen's perfumenw blog. Your pottery looks great! I especially like the bowl and the unglazed pot. I have a sister who is potter, a brother who is a fine artist and inventor, another sister is a graphic artist, mother a photographer and I have worked as a musician/composer/teacher (and paint for fun) for 37 or so years. Here in WA state doing business is not so complicated, although at times can be a little annoying. Most everything from general paperwork, fees, some trademark issues, etc. can be handled online. Don't be discouraged with the system. You might find that you sell more more pots than you imagined you would or ever wanted to. My end of summer projects for today are preparing and sending out invoices and cleaning our my painting supply cabinet. Like Gaianursery, I haven't really painted for a couple of years and need to go through my paints and discard and replace the dried up ones and take an inventory of canvas, brushes etc. I also have a couple of music projects in the works. School doesn't start here until after Labor Day. Gail

  4. Hi, Gail!
    Thank you for all your encouraging comments! I got through one more bureaucratic hurdle today, so slowly but surely....Glad to hear you have so much art in your life, and with your family, you may have to start your own blog sometime! Composing sounds wonderful, something I'd love to do, but have no talent for. Love to listen, though!