Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Plea for Data: Doing It Right

I recently posted about wanting more data from nurseries on the plants I buy. And I found a wonderful Bromeliad nursery that's doing just that.  When I bought a few Tillandsias from a local garden center, I saw that they were individually tagged with the species name, and each came with a card of instructions. Wow!
Russell's Bromeliads in Central Florida, USA, is doing it right. Not only do I get the data, I get a lovely card on the science and care of Tillandsias, and, on the back, a list of things we botanical enthusiasts tend to get wrong with Tillies. It's a list of common mistakes, and it had wonderful info on how to care for these amazing and peculiar plants. So here's to Russell's! I'm a happier gardener as a result of their data-sharing, and so are my Tillies (which are getting awfully big, truth be told):

A table full of Tillies.


  1. Awesome collection.....I'm going to have to break down and get a few.

  2. You'll love them, I'm sure-- Tillandsias are pretty easy once you get used to their water/light routine. Bright, filtered light, and a bucket soak twice a week, mist now and then, you're good!