Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Lithops Update

Autumn is definitely a Lithops' time to work, and work hard! Most of mine are either blooming, getting ready to bloom, or setting new leaves. Here are three of my hardest-working Lithops:

Here are some of my New Blues in their new terracotta pot; one is blooming, and one is budding. Beautiful!

Audrey, who had the strangest curly yellow flower, is growing a single pair at the moment. I don't know if that is typical for francisci. They sure are lovely, though, with a special green glow.

And it turns out that Dorothy (dorotheae) is growing two pairs, not one! The other was hiding and waiting for its parent leaf to shrink down a bit. That seems to be happening in earnest now. Neither Dorothy nor Audrey has had more than a drop of water a week for over a month now. And no mistings, either. Seems to be working....

Hope your Lithops are lively and thriving, too. It looks like they are, from what I've seen on the blogs!


  1. The New Blues are looking great, lovely hue. & nice surprise with Dorothy's twin! :)

  2. Yes, I was really happy to see that now I have 2 Dorothys!