Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tillandsia of the Month: T. abdita

Tillandsia abdita, Mexican Form

My Tilly of the Month is always hard to choose, they're all so wonderful and unique! But for October, I chose the red-tipped T. abdita, because it looks kinda scary with all that Halloween red. Like long red fingernails! Well, okay, more beautiful than scary. But it's October. It can be scary for a month.

There are two forms of abdita, this one, from Mexico, and another, from Costa Rica. The Mexican form stays red for a full year after flowering, which is unusual for Tillies. Generally, the red and pink only last a month or so during and after flowering. This one has flowered, but has not offset a pup (ramet) yet. Abditas like water, and dry out a little more quickly than some others, so good soak twice a week, and daily mistings will be fine. Enjoy!


  1. Great colours & shape on this Tilly! :)

  2. Thanks, it's one of my favorites for its lovely colors and exceptional shape.

  3. That’s a painted form. You can tail because they always blush from the inside out, not the reversed. It’s growing well for you being is that the inside is so green. It was once spray-painted all red.