Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pensive Tuesday: Lithops Fashions

This Tuesday post really isn't so pensive, because it's about fashion! The new crop of Lithops is heading to the nurseries here in the USA, and I've spotted a trend.

French Green and French Blue.

French Green and Blue Lithops
These very peaceful, subdued, and quiet colors are the only ones I've seen on several dozen Lithops so far. Last year, every Lithops was blush pink and brick red. Now am I imagining it, or are there fashions for Lithops?? If so, I'm calling 2013 the Year of the French Lithops. They're so lovely, I've even started painting with these colors, just a few mini canvases so far. Grays are fun!

Have you noticed fashions for your favorite plants in your neighborhood? If so, what are you calling for 2013?

French Blue Study, MR 2012


  1. I've noticed that coloured yuccas & E. milii lipstick have been popular over the last year or two. Regarding cacti & succulents, usually the more common/popular varieties sell (sorry to generalise) in garden centres. 2013 will be the year of Lithops & other strange plants, I'd hope. Love the study, the moon & star looks perfect! :)

    1. Yes, there are certainly trends in the type of plants sold. I've noticed all our nurseries are selling Lithops this year. Last year it was only 2. Definite uptick, hurray! Glad you like the study, I love painting miniatures (it's only about 7cm by 3cm).

  2. Marla, I don't go to plant nurseries often enough to know about fashions in "regular" plants, but I know there are definitely fashions in mass-market orchid hybrids and cattleya hybrids. Right now the fashion is BIG white phalaenopsis and ones with various patterns of red spots on white or light yellow. There are also those god-awful white phals that have been injected with bright blue dye. I can't wait for that fashion to go away. They look so miserable and abused sitting in the supermarket.

    I love your painting. It looks so calm.

    1. Oh, those poor blue phals, I've seen them, they are hideous and they know it. So sad. I don't mind the red-spotted ones, though.
      Glad you like the painting! Those French grays are so tranquil.