Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silver Spider in a New Kind of Pot

You may remember my favorite Senecio, S. scaposus, from August. It's about doubled in size since then, so I repotted it in a much larger, heavier pot:

Senecio scaposus
 For these pots, I used my usual terracotta clay, made a 6" diameter pinch pot, stamped it, let it dry, then glazed it without firing to bisque first. Once the glaze was dry, I carved the pot, then fired it, so the glaze only shows in patches. This gives it a very weathered, ancient look, I think. The pastel tones also work very well with plants like the Silver Spider.  I'll definitely be making a few more of these, as the scaposus started growing again within a few days of landing in its new home. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. Have a wonderful, creative weekend! I'll be back next week with some info on CAM photosynthesis, what a nerd....


  1. It's amazing how you can do these pretty pots! It looks great :)

  2. Thank you so much, Rika! The plants are very inspiring. Their beauty helps me think of new designs and techniques.

  3. Lovely photo/plant/pot. CAM photosynthesis, huh? I'll get out my exercise book. Looking forward to it. Same. :)

  4. Thanks, Ngeun, see you for the science lesson! ;-)