Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Pulling Away...But....

Where's the SAND???
That's right, Hurricane Sandy has eaten our sandy beaches! This is low tide today, after 3 days of serious pounding by Sandy....

Florida has taken a hit, for sure; we had 58mph winds yesterday. But obviously, we're worried for the folks up north. We're more used to this sort of thing down here.

My mesembs are screaming for sunshine. All except one (two). The ever-cheerful and optimistic Babytoes (Fenestraria), both of them, decided to bloom! What positive attitude, I love these guys!


  1. Having flowers this time of year or anytime of the year is awesome.....very pretty!

  2. Dear BSG,
    They are beautiful, quirky, and cheerful, what more can I ask?

  3. Glad you are ok, and your mesembs did also provide some 'sunshine'. It really gets depressing when the sun don't shine, after a while.

  4. I agree, I need that sunshine after a few days of rain and wind! Babytoes cheered everyone up.