Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pensive Tuesday: Re-evaluation and Growth

Alright, so I've decided to just accept it. Summer 2012 gave Autumn and Winter a miss, and moved right into Spring 2013. Generally, I re-evaluate, re-pot, re-mulch, and re-design the garden in April. But now I'm doing it in February, because February has become April, weather-wise...even the sunrises are springy now.

Spring Sunrise in February, MR 2013
Some of my plants are screaming for re-potting. Babytoes II, especially, who has completely outgrown her little stoneware pot.

"Need new pot, NOW!"
Quite a few of the re-leafing Lithops are going to need new digs soon, too....

"Yikes, it's getting close in here!"

And even some of the lantanas and vincas for the winter's school science project on botany are begging to be planted in the garden--they are practically done blooming already, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet! They have one more week left in the science project, then into the garden they will go.

"Science, schmience, replant us NOW!"
Sometimes you just have to throw your calendar away and get with the beat! Off I go to buy some mulch. Should it be red or gold this year??


  1. Oh, this is the time to reflect and re-re-do, undo or make-do! Hehe
    I am busy looking at all facets at the moment - transplanted about 1500 pots, now I am also looking at the 2011-12 garden and what I want to keep, change, re-do. It is nearing autumn and all the Aloes and other plants are looking forward to cooler weather, we got the same amount of rain yesterday (20mm) than the whole of Jan. So things are looking up, but it is still summer! This has overflowed to how I take pics, presentation, blog changes I want to do and all other things....phew, need a holiday! Hehe!

  2. OK, LTE, you are way up on another level of gardening altogether, and I'm thinking, "I'm not worthy"- a la Wayne and Garth! Glad autumn is approaching for you, it's my favorite season, and I'm sorry I missed it this year.

  3. First see my garden before the worthy bit! hehe... sad looking at the moment. I am going to pick your brains at some stage about pots and the making thereof! Oh so here is a bit a special news! It is a boy and we are ok, amnio came back, no issues...so by June/July our lives will change forever..

    1. Excellent news! All my best to you both. Yes, your lives are really going to change, but in such good ways!