Thursday, February 21, 2013

More on Tillandsia High-Rise Condos

Just thought I'd elaborate on a very convenient way to grow indoor Tillandsias. I don't hose down my Tillies, because they are in my living room. My floors and carpets would protest loudly. My computer would short out. Someone, probably me, would slip and fall, most likely with fatal results.

But I ran out of space on my little Tilly table about a month ago. They were just getting too big, and pupping like mad. So I found a sturdy old CD rack in the garage.

Here it is again!
 It's stable, rust-proof, and airy. (Tillies need a lot of air movement to avoid rot and fungal infection.) Each cubby has a ceramic bowl with 2-3 Tillies. The rack is near a large, east-facing bay window, so they get lots of morning sun, but shade in the afternoon. They're very easy to take on and off the rack for watering, and friends can get a better look at their favorites, and have some fun rearranging them to vex me.

A close-up with morning sun.
They seem to enjoy the extra air and light they get in their "highrise condo", and obviously, I can collect and grow more Tillies in less space. An inexpensive solution to a common problem for the indoor gardener!
Tillies, with a couple of aloes above.
 What space solutions have you found in the furniture and accessory department? I'd love to see them.

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