Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mystery Mesemb Radical Surgery Part III

Remember the little mystery mesemb from back in September? The one having such trouble re-leafing?

Mystery Mesemb in Trouble

So radical surgery with a clean X-acto knife was the solution. By mid-October, the little guy was looking healthier.

Mystery Mesemb, Feeling Better

And though I still have no idea what this little mesemb is (I'm still tending towards a Gibbaeum), he's happily tufting and releafing all over the place....

Mystery Mesemb, Feeling Much Better
So when in doubt, cut it out! With a very clean knife, I might add....


  1. Great looking Mesembs Marla! And such beautiful pottery too. What are those discs with holes in the background? They look so pretty!

    1. Thank you! The background whatsits are pendants I made recently. Glad you like them!