Monday, February 18, 2013

Pensive Tuesday: Why Tillandsias?

Tillandsias have been increasing in popularity. Why? Well, I know a few reasons why I love them....

A Table Full of Tillies
They are portable. They can grow anywhere. Time ago, people used to be born in one place, live in one place, and die in one place. These days, good luck with that.  Tillies don't need their native earth to grow. Just some water and sun, anywhere on planet Earth, and they're good to go. No roots required.

They can grow on practically anything. Mine are growing very well on an old CD rack. What have you got? I'll bet there's something in  your garage or attic that would make your Tillies happy.

Garden Spirit, MR, 2013
Tillies are tough. They can grow almost anywhere. They can grow on almost anything. They just need a little sunshine and water and they are good to go. What plants for our age! Why do you love your Tillies??


  1. Hehe...Great use for a CD rack!

    I love them too and grow them outside on planks, or wire mesh. I find T. stricta makes very showy little pink blob flowers, very willingly. T. duratii has teeny insignificant little flowers but they have the most awesome and powerful scent and T. brachycaulos multiflora turns all its leaves bright red every once in a while... T. seleriana is just so outright alien looking. (I spotted it used in the film Avatar... It was probably the closest thing to the strangest looking plant ever that the makers could find.) The roots of T. xerographica & T. ehlersiana are awesome the way they grip if you put them on a piece of wood and the effect is quite dramatic.

    They really do earn their keep.

    1. These are some of my Tillies

  2. I really love your Tower of Tillies! That's a great idea, and you can even string LED lights on them for parties. Those selerianas are new to me; they look great, and I can see why they were on Avatar. Imagine the Tillie auditions for that movie (haha)!

  3. I need care instructions. mine is "planted" in a seashell/sand combo. how often should I water.

  4. Your Tillie should have bright filtered light, and a good, 15-min soaking once or twice a week, with a misting or two during the week. If the plant can't come out of the shell, simply soak it upside down in some water. Orchid fertilizer can be used once a month; follow the dilution instructions on the package. The fertilizer can be added to the soak water. After a soak, let your Tillie drain so it doesn't rot. Hope this helps!