Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend News for Lithops (and a Conophytum)

Well, it's time for the News For Lithops. Yesterday, Asteroid 2012 DA14 gave the Earth a close shave, and was visible with only a pair of binoculars! Sadly, our sky was cloudy. Couldn't see a thing. It's always like that, isn't it? My sympathy goes out to all the Russians harmed by the meteor which was supposedly not linked to the asteroid. Hmm...I'm giving those astronomers my best Larry David Staredown on that one!

Ah, Lithops, yes! My dish of younglings is growing well. I'm pretty sure the central one is an L. dorotheae. Remember the seed packet only said, "Mixed Lithops"?  So I'm just guessing here. But I'm quite sure its neighbor is not a Lithops at all, but Conophytum calculus. Yikes! Well, welcome to the garden, gate-crasher....

Lithops with Conophytum party-crasher

I've been doing a lot more painting lately, but have some new pendants back from the kiln. I'm using a new series of glazes that look wonderful on red clay. Duncan Artisan low-fire glaze and Amaco opalescents- I particularly like the blues and greens from both series. The green actually looks like aged copper patina and is wonderful on white clay, too. I've even started a little sculpting, something totally new for me.

 OK, time to get fit with a run on the beach, but it's quite chilly today, and I'm a tropical coward when it comes to cold weather now. You may see me out there in a parka and mukluks!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I can definitely relate to your comment about being a "tropical coward". I've finally resigned myself to the fact that dislike of the cold is one of the main reasons why I don't get out and run, so I've recently adopted a strategy of making sure I'm warm enough when I first step out the door. It actually works! Since adopting the Eskimo costume routine, I've been able to run almost every day since the first of December!

    It's almost always cold here, and often raining, too, so you'll usually see me on the road, all bundled up. If I sweat after a while, I don't mind. I'd rather be too hot than too cold.

    Your pendants are beautiful, and look like great fun to make.

  2. I used to hate bundling up for a run, too, but I got used to it; a special bonus was not getting pneumonia! That was in the Alps. Here there's little risk of freezing one's lungs; I've just adjusted to the heat to the point that if it gets below 65F, I turn all pathetic and shivery....
    Glad you like the pendants, we've got lots of beaders and jewelry makers in the area, so it's fun to participate!