Monday, March 11, 2013

A Mammillaria For Monday

Mammillaria zeilmanniana, MR 2013

Mammillaria zeilmanniana is a real beauty with hot pink flowers and bright red, crazy-curled spines. Many Mammillaria have hooked spines, but they are especially prominent on this species, and the color really glows.

M. zeilmanniana is on the CITES list (App. II) of rare and endangered plants.  Though it's grown in cactus nurseries all over the US, and is very popular with gardeners, wild specimens are extremely rare, and limited to a small area in Mexico. Less than 250 remain in the wild today. This little guy came from a local commercial nursery.


  1. You can only have a Mammillaria zeilmanniana if you can say it ten times fast. That's the law in my county.